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  • Teddy bear walks, sidewalk art and more!

    Movement and Play Outdoor Learning Social Emotional
  • Story Time: Stress Relief Story for Children

    Did you know paying attention to your breath is considered practicing mindfulness? The American Psychological Association found that practicing mindfulness and awareness is proven to lower stress levels in children and adults.* Join Elizabeth Erwin, EdD, as she reads a beautiful story for young children, Breathing Makes It Better.

    Program Administration After School Infant & Toddler Social Emotional
  • MindfulnessMonday | Activities for Families from ECE Expert

    As young children learn crucial skills like sharing, communicating feelings and cultivating resilience, mindfulness plays an important role to their social-emotional development. Practicing mindfulness and awareness is proven to lower stress levels in children and adults. Early childhood expert Elizabeth Joy Erwin, EdD shares approachable tools and tips families and educators can use to practice mindfulness in their classroom, home, or anywhere in between.

    Social Emotional
  • What’s Kitchen Table Kindness & 10 Ways You Can Practice It

    Regardless of circumstances, lots of downtime at home with kids can lead to frustration and boredom. Anytime your kids are home for an extended period, Natalie Silverstein suggests service as the new go-to activty when stuck at home for any reason. “Kitchen Table Kindness” activities can keep children meaningfully engaged while spreading kindness to others.

    Summer Learning Social Emotional
  • Thanksgiving: The Perfect Holiday for Gratitude and Service

    Thanksgiving is a tradition-filled day that kicks off the end-of-year holiday season of shopping, decorating, exchanging gifts and, hopefully, charitable giving. No matter how your family honors Thanksgiving, it is full of opportunities to create new family traditions that help children understand how lucky they are to have the comforts of home, food, and family and that teach family members to express gratitude for all of the goodness in their lives.

    Seasonal Learning: Fall Cooking Social Emotional
  • Helping Children Explore Emotions

    Just like adults, children experience a wide array of emotions — the difference is that children don’t always understand the emotion, what to call it, or how to properly describe what exactly they’re feeling.

    Movement and Play Literacy Language Social Emotional
  • Promoting Friendship through Reading

    Books have the ability to transform the lives of those who read them! Reading often teaches children important life lessons, and one of the most important lessons they can learn from reading is the importance of growing friendships with others. 

    Movement and Play Literacy Language Social Emotional
  • 7 Essential Features of an Effective Guidance Policy

    The primary focus of any early childhood program is to care for and educate the young learners enrolled in the program. Caring for and educating young children is rewarding yet difficult work; however, it is critical that systems are in place to support the children, families, and staff to be their very best. One way to support both teaching and learning and to prevent and address challenging behaviors in early childhood programs is through an effective, high-quality behavior-guidance policy. 

    Program Administration Social Emotional
  • 3 Reasons Why Educators Love Nature Preschools

    For preschoolers, nature makes up their entire world. It provides the wonder and excitement that preschoolers thrive off of; it is where children live, learn, and play. Nature allows children to be inquisitive and imaginative while being physically active — that’s why nature preschools are loved by educators!

    Movement and Play Lesson Planning Infant & Toddler Seasonal Learning: Fall Spring Social Emotional
  • 5 Smart Strategies to Improve Reading Fluency

    Student's that do not speak English as a first language can often face disadvantages compared to their peers who are fluent in English.

    Literacy Lesson Planning Observation and Assessment Language Social Emotional

Gryphon House activities are well-researched and informative, so teachers can effectively build a foundational curriculum for their students. Books from our award-winning authors, such as Getting to the Heart of Learning by Ellen Booth Church, explore building social-emotional skills by integrating social-emotional activities into lesson plans for science, math, language, literacy and motor skills.

Parents can also use social-emotional activities to encourage their children’s social interactions with pro-social games. These games guide parents in instructing toddlers and infants to be comfortable in group situations.

For social-emotional development in early childhood education, our techniques and activities build the base for skills that will pay off through adulthood. Particularly in the early stages of development, social-emotional skills encourage children to work collaboratively, a key social skill with long-term benefits.

Scan our available tools and resources for emotional and social skills training. To learn more about the importance of strengthening social skills and deepening children’s emotional development, follow Gryphon House on Facebook. We continually follow the latest news and studies to find useful activities for parents and teachers.

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