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Gryphon House activities are well-researched and informative, so teachers can effectively build a foundational curriculum for their students. Books from our award-winning authors, such as Getting to the Heart of Learning by Ellen Booth Church, explore building social-emotional skills by integrating social-emotional activities into lesson plans for science, math, language, literacy and motor skills.

Parents can also use social-emotional activities to encourage their children’s social interactions with pro-social games. These games guide parents in instructing toddlers and infants to be comfortable in group situations.

For social-emotional development in early childhood education, our techniques and activities build the base for skills that will pay off through adulthood. Particularly in the early stages of development, social-emotional skills encourage children to work collaboratively, a key social skill with long-term benefits.

Scan our available tools and resources for emotional and social skills training. To learn more about the importance of strengthening social skills and deepening children’s emotional development, follow Gryphon House on Facebook. We continually follow the latest news and studies to find useful activities for parents and teachers.

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