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  • Celebrate National STEM Day: Explore the Science of Sounds

    Today is National STEM Day! Try incorporating science with sound in the classroom for a unique STEM learning experience.

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  • Lesson Plan Idea: Seeing Sound!

    Children are fascinated by sounds. Whether it’s when a horn honks outside, or when an ever-alluring sound-oriented toy is around! It is therefore no surprise that children are curious about the science of sounds. How does that car’s horn make noise? Why are some sounds low and other ones high? What makes music so pleasant? And most importantly, how does sound work since we can’t see it?

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  • 3 Cool Musical Science Experiments for Kids

    Music is a part of everyday life, but it’s also science! Music activities naturally bring out children’s scientific curiosity and helps develop scientific thinking as they ask questions like: “why do certain instruments make certain noises?” or “what does my heart sound like?” Science activities for kids are a fun way for children to engage in unfamiliar science concepts and build skills like observation and problem-solving. Brand new and packed with sound science projects, Exploring the Science of Sounds, gives parents and teachers easy science experiment ideas they can try at home or in the classroom.

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  • How to Make a Cereal Box Guitar

    Nothing says fun like making some noise! Music activities are a wonderful way to engage young learners. Music provides children an outlet through which they explore the world around them, develop their coordination, and build social emotional skills—all while having fun. A cereal box guitar is one of the easiest music crafts you can try, and it helps you explore creative learning opportunities with your preschoolers –  at home and in the classroom.

  • Earthworms, Ladybugs and Other Critter Observations

    Bugs are a great way to introduce outdoor activities for preschoolers to your little learners. Toddler outdoor activities let kids explore the world around them all while practicing observation, investigation, and problem solving skills. Science for kids is the perfect way to introduce science concepts to children through fun activities that nurture children’s natural sense of curiosity.

  • 5 Educational Games Perfect for Summer Road Trips

    Summer is the perfect time to try out new educational activities for kids with your little learners! If you’re hitting the road with your kids this summer, family road trip games are a must for any long car ride. Road trip car games for kids are a great way to pass the time, keep your children busy, and mix learning and fun together!

    Infant Toddler
  • 5 Fun Fingerplays for Preschoolers

    Preschool fingerplays are a method of introducing critical pre-reading skills all in the package of fun preschool music and movement songs. Fingerplays for preschoolers also teach listening skills, order and sequence, memory skills, spatial awareness, imagination, and so much more. Just when the day seems long and dull, introduce preschool music activities with these fun little fingerplays from the popular Gryphon House book The Complete Book and CD Set of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, and Chants (Also available book-only, here). With more than 700 selections, this book by veteran educators Jackie Silberg and Pam Schiller will keep your students moving, singing, and learning all year long!

  • How to Make Maracas

    Shaking instruments are a fun addition to any movement and music activities you introduce to your little learners! Easy to make at home or school, DIY maracas are a wonderful craft that helps children develop their sensory skills through play. 

    Infant Toddler
  • Toddler Classroom Activities for the Holidays

    The holidays are just around the corner! That means it’s the season of ornament crafts, holiday songs, and a whole host of other toddler holiday crafts! Regardless of what holiday your children celebrate, December is bursting with potential craft ideas and new themes for the classroom.

    Infant Toddler
  • Promote Infant Cognitive Development with Music Activities

    Infant cognitive development is a fascinating thing. Babies’ brains are always learning and expanding, taking in the world around them and forging new neural pathways. Even little things like being talked to, feeling new fabrics, or sitting in a different room contribute to baby brain development. 


Use open-ended music and movement activities for preschoolers to encourage a long standing appreciation of music and the arts. Our movement activities are designed to focus childrens’ natural energy and curiosity in fun, educational ways. Twisting, bending, wiggling, and jumping to rhythms teaches children how their bodies move as they enjoy creating music from percussion instruments.

Our music activities for preschoolers are innovative and thoughtfully crafted for educators looking for creative ways to teach social skills while enhancing rhythmic awareness. When preschoolers are given the chance to use their voices for singing, or hands for shaking tambourines, they’re making vital connections between themselves and the outside world.

Parents can easily adapt music and movement activities created for preschoolers and toddlers for their younger children. Music activities for infants can be as simple as singing silly rhyming songs. Not only does singing to infants boost language development, singing enhances other areas of infant development like improvisation and creative thinking.

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