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  • DIY Busy Board Ideas for Infants and Toddlers

    Young children are always looking to keep busy, so what better way than with a busy board? Busy boards for babies are bulletin boards covered with fun objects infants and toddlers can play with to develop sensory processing and fine motor skills.

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  • Toddler Classroom Activities for the Holidays

    The holidays are just around the corner! That means it’s the season of ornament crafts, holiday songs, and a whole host of other toddler holiday crafts! Regardless of what holiday your children celebrate, December is bursting with potential craft ideas and new themes for the classroom.

    Infant Toddler
  • 5 Fun Parachute Games for Kids

    The parachute is a favorite game of children. The bright colors, swishing sound, and active movement make it a fun and exciting experience that sticks in the memories of those who participate. That’s why it’s also a great way for kids to learn!

  • Music Activities to Aid in Speech Development

    Music and movement activities for infants and toddlers provide the crucial and beneficial exposure to skills, such as speech development, that young children need to grow. Many parents may question the true benefits of integrating infant music activities into their home environments, often finding themselves asking just how music can help develop their child’s speech.

  • Preschool Handwriting and Fine Motor Activities for Strength and Dexterity

    The development of fine motor skills plays an important part in the growth of every young child. Many teachers may find that some of their students have trouble developing their fundamental fine motor skills, but activities that focus on motor skill foundations, like pencil grasp development, are a wonderful way to bring fine motor development into your classroom.

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  • Infant and Toddler Activities for Summer

    Summer is the perfect time of year to engage your little learners, at home and at school, with infant and toddler activities that encourage them to explore, move, and learn. Movement is essential to life and a crucial part of the development children experience within their first few years of life. Encouraging your child to move and learn with various activities is a wonderful way to develop across the board, from physical skills to social emotional development.

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  • Hand Eye Coordination Games for Toddlers

    Hand eye coordination games are a great way to help your toddlers develop both their fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Motor development is a crucial part of growth in young children, and movement activities and games are a fun way to incorporate learning these skills into everyday play.

    Move to Learn is full of fine motor activities that will help your little learners reach their full potential and develop not only their physical skills, but cognitive and social-emotional skills as well.

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  • M is for Music

    Music and learning go hand in hand. It’s no coincidence that pneumonic devices tend to be set to tunes or that kid shows are full of songs. Rhythm and rhyme help get and keep children’s attention, and those catchy tunes will keep them thinking about subjects all day long. Music activities for toddlers are incredibly versatile and can be applied to any subject, from story-telling songs to chants about math. Children can even get energy out with music and movement activities for preschoolers. The possibilities are endless!

  • Fun Alphabet Games for Preschoolers

    Literacy doesn’t have to be limited to books! We use our reading skills all the time, whether we’re reading a stop sign, a shopping list, or a recipe. Engaging literacy activities pull reading out of workbooks and into real—or imaginary—life. Literacy is one of the most important skills we learn, but before we can read words, we have to start with letters. Young children may know how to sing the ABC song, but that doesn’t always mean they can recognize letters on paper. That is where early childhood literacy activities come in. Fun activities that incorporate letters into imaginative play let children approach reading from a whole new perspective, and make them more likely to see literacy as a fun and useful skill!

  • The Great Outdoors and Your Toddler

    Spring has arrived, and summer is just around the corner. That means it’s the perfect time for a change in scenery. The weather is just right for you and your child to take playing—and learning—outdoors! With trees blooming and the weather changing, scientific discoveries are right at your child’s fingertips; new words will be added to their vocabulary as they’re exposed to new colors and objects; even number skills can get a boost as your child counts the flowers that have sprung up overnight. Parenting toddlers is always an adventure!

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Movement activities for preschoolers create a rich learning experience. Brain research shows how movement supports cognitive development in young children and that it should be a primary element in the early childhood curriculum. From using music education to aid speech development, to improving strength and dexterity through handwriting exercises, Gryphon House Publishing has developed a variety of activities that will help your child active and learning on the go. To learn more about our movement & play exercises, follow us on Facebook and Pinterest—or contact us today!

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