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  • Development Boosting Games for Babies

    Infant games are great parent resources. They facilitate parent-child bonding, while also boosting infants’ cognitive development. But many parents have trouble finding age-appropriate infant games. Whether you’re looking for 3 months old activities, games for 6 month olds, or 9 months old baby activities, 125 Brain Games for Babies, revised is the perfect source for every parent’s needs. Try out these baby games with your little one today!

  • Sensory Play Ideas from the Pantry

    Introducing your baby or toddler to multisensory learning is as easy as opening your pantry! Pantry items like rice, pasta, and even Jell-O are accessible and affordable tools for introducing sensory play to your home or classroom.

    Infant Toddler
  • How to Make a Cereal Box Guitar

    Nothing says fun like making some noise! Music activities are a wonderful way to engage young learners. Music provides children an outlet through which they explore the world around them, develop their coordination, and build social emotional skills—all while having fun. A cereal box guitar is one of the easiest music crafts you can try, and it helps you explore creative learning opportunities with your preschoolers –  at home and in the classroom.

  • 5 Creative Sand and Water Table Activity Ideas

    Creative play and sensory integration are crucial to the development of well-rounded children. Teachers and parents can make small changes to their classroom or home environments to provide young children the opportunity to observe and explore the environment around them.

  • 5 Super Fun Ideas for Family Fun Month!

    August is family fun month and it’s the perfect opportunity to try new activities that are fun for the whole family! Ranging from places to explore with your family, to crafts, Rebecca Green’s Banish Boredom is full of great family fun ideas everyone will enjoy (not just the kids). Having fun at home is easy too; with a little imagination the possibilities for family fun are endless. 

  • Earthworms, Ladybugs and Other Critter Observations

    Bugs are a great way to introduce outdoor activities for preschoolers to your little learners. Toddler outdoor activities let kids explore the world around them all while practicing observation, investigation, and problem solving skills. Science for kids is the perfect way to introduce science concepts to children through fun activities that nurture children’s natural sense of curiosity.

  • Oooey Gooey Activities for International Mud Day

    June 29th is International Mud Day! Children love playing in the mud and exploring the natural world around them, but for many children this messy activity is off limits. Sometimes the best fun is the messiest, and International Mud Day activities are a great way for children to create, explore, and learn through play all on their own terms which makes the mess worth it. 

  • Developing Problem Solving and Reasoning Skills with STEM

    With STEM education playing a larger role in children’s learning than ever before, many parents and teachers may find themselves concerned about the impact STEM activities may have on the importance of play in early childhood learning. However, STEM education is the perfect supplement to classroom learning centers as it naturally supports children’s interests and curiosity in the world around them.

  • Water Balloon Math!

    Summer is the perfect chance to take learning outside! Whether your preschoolers are at home or in the classroom, outdoor learning activities are a wonderful way to make certain subjects, like math, more interesting. Math games for kids are always a fun way to learn new math concepts, but during the summer even more fun is to be had! Adding water balloons to the mix takes outdoor math games to a new level of learning and fun, the options are endless.

    Preschool Elementary
  • 5 Educational Games Perfect for Summer Road Trips

    Summer is the perfect time to try out new educational activities for kids with your little learners! If you’re hitting the road with your kids this summer, family road trip games are a must for any long car ride. Road trip car games for kids are a great way to pass the time, keep your children busy, and mix learning and fun together!

    Infant Toddler

Movement activities for preschoolers create a rich learning experience. Brain research shows how movement supports cognitive development in young children and that it should be a primary element in the early childhood curriculum. From using music education to aid speech development, to improving strength and dexterity through handwriting exercises, Gryphon House Publishing has developed a variety of activities that will help your child active and learning on the go. To learn more about our movement & play exercises, follow us on Facebook and Pinterest—or contact us today!

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