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  • 3 Fun Things to Do With Sidewalk Chalk

    Summer is the perfect time to experiment with outdoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Creative play for preschoolers helps children develop crucial skills as they interact with others and think creatively. DIY sidewalk chalk activities are the perfect way to get your preschoolers outside and immersed in creativity!

    Banish Boredom is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers looking for outdoor activities they can try with their toddlers and preschoolers. Here are three fun things you can do with sidewalk chalk!

    Toddler Preschool Elementary
  • Our Favorite Father’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

    Father’s Day is June 18th! Art projects for kids are always a fun addition to any day at home or in the classroom, but Father’s Day is a special opportunity for preschoolers to show off their crafty side. Parents and teachers are always looking for Father’s Day crafts for preschoolers, which is where 101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make comes in handy.

    Full of art projects for everyone, 101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make has tons of fun and easy Father’s Day craft ideas sure to make this Father’s Day special. Here are some homemade gift ideas you can try with your preschoolers today!

    Preschool Elementary
  • Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

    Mother's Day 2017 is right around the corner! Find the perfect gift for mom with our Mother's Day craft ideas. Mother's Day crafts for preschoolers have a hand-made touch with our activities from 101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make. Print your own card to go along with your Mother's Day gifts here.

    Preschool Elementary
  • Hop Into Spring with Easter Art Projects

    From Easter egg decorating ideas to Easter art projects, parents and teachers are on the hunt for fun and easy Easter crafts for preschoolers this spring. Easter art for kids is a great opportunity to allow children the chance to exercise their creativity in a unique way. From dyeing eggs to painting springy masterpieces, Easter is a wonderful time to let preschoolers explore their artistic abilities while having fun. 

  • Life Cycle Activities: The Butterfly

    Running out of preschool science activities to explore with your students? The life cycle of a butterfly is a wonderful topic for young children to learn about, in turn helping develop their observation skills and understanding of sequence. 

  • Teaching Kids about Presidents’ Day with Crafts

    Looking for things to do on Presidents’ Day? President’s Day crafts are a great way for teachers to not only share facts about Presidents’ Day and what is celebrated, but to find out what their little learners know about what a president is and what they do! 

  • Teaching Perspective and Perception to Future Innovators

    Teacher’s hold the future in their hands. It might not seem like it now, but the children in early education classrooms will one day be politicians, business people, artists, and scientists. A teachers job includes more than making sure these children can read and write; it also makes sure future leaders learn to treat others with respect. Sometimes that means relying on some creative resources for the early childhood classroom. One such resource is Ellen Booth Church’s new book Nurturing Next-Generation Innovators: Open-Ended Activities to Support Global Thinking.

  • Snow Day Crafts for Kids

    Snow on the ground? Classes cancelled? Time for snow day crafts! Snow days are always exciting for kids. They get to play outside and spend some time with their family! What better way to make the most of this extra day at home than with snow day activities for kids? There are so many ways to bring the snow fun inside once your child is ready to warm up. From doily snowflakes to snowmen that never melt, there are so many toddler art and craft projects to try!

    Toddler Preschool
  • Egg-Cellent Egg Carton Crafts

    Have a bunch of egg cartons left over from the holidays? Don’t throw them all away! Egg cartons are an excellent material for craft projects for kids. They’re durable, easy to paint, and they have a shape you can’t recreate with regular box cardboard. Children love making new art out of familiar objects; arts and crafts for toddlers allow them to see the world in a new way and support important developmental skills like creativity and spatial reasoning. Why not repurpose this would-be trash into fun kid crafts?

  • DIY Busy Board Ideas for Infants and Toddlers

    Young children are always looking to keep busy, so what better way than with a busy board? Busy boards for babies are bulletin boards covered with fun objects infants and toddlers can play with to develop sensory processing and fine motor skills.

    Infant Toddler

If you’re looking for infant, preschooler and toddler art projects, Gryphon House’s free activities supplement your current curricula with fun and exciting activities. Through hands-on creative art experiences, children hone skills that help them learn math, science, and literature.

Uncover children’s enthusiasm for creative thinking with art activities for infants and preschoolers. Parents and teachers can encourage healthy early childhood language development by talking throughout the process of each activity. Because children learn language best from slow repetition, parents can use the same activity multiple times to sharpen children’s vocabulary.

Improve toddler and preschoolers’ social skills among their peers with collaborative and engaging art activities that encourage social interaction. Gryphon House art activities challenge children to adapt, interact, and explore by using teacher-inspired art resources.

Watch children explore and experience the world with our art activities from our award-winning early childhood education authors. To stay up-to-date on new activities and best practices for early childhood care and education, follow us on Facebook or Pinterest. We always update our followers with the best games, craft ideas, and more for children in infancy to early elementary school. 

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