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Alphabet Travels Game

Heading on a holiday road trip to visit friends or family? This creative game for kids (and kids at heart) is perfect for long hours in the car!

Alphabet Travels

  • 2 or more players needed
  • Perfect for ages 7 and up

In this game, players take turns naming the following things, all starting with the same letter:

  • A name
  • A destination
  • An object
  • An activity

The first player starts with the letter A. He might say, for example, "My name is Adam, I'm going to Alaska, I'm packing an apple, and I'm going to alphabetize."

If the first player gets through A successfully, he continues with the letter B, giving answers in the same manner. The sentences don't have to make sense, as long as the right words are in the right places, starting with the right letters.

A player's turn ends when he makes a mistake or hesitates between letters. When this happens, the next player's turn begins. When the turn comes around to the first player again, he will pick up at the letter at which he left off on his previous turn. For example, if he made a mistake on the letter F, he will now continue with the letter G. The first person to complete the sequence with the letter Z wins the game.


  • If there are more than two players, continue playing to determine second, third and fourth places, until all but one player is left.
  • With young children, you may not want to include the letter Q or the letters after T, all of which are harder. Instead, you can skip Q and end the game with T.

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