Water Feelings and Looks

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Water Feelings and Looks

What you will need

  • Water table
  • Objects that change when immersed in water.
  • Objects that don't change other than getting wet.

Words you can use

  1. Wet
  2. Change
  3. Feel
  4. Touch
  5. Bottom
  6. Under
  7. Hold
  8. Think
  9. Predict
  10. Dissolve
  11. Gone
  12. Disappear
  13. Soft
  14. Hard
  15. Names of objects

What to do

Gather a collection of objects that when immersed in water will feel and perhaps look different than before they were immersed.

Ask the child to hold the object and describe how it feels such as hard, soft, shiny, and rough.

Have the child place the object in the water and hold it under for a few seconds.

When the object is removed from the water, have the child describe the change in appearance, if any, and the change as to how it feels.


Make drawings of objects when they are wet and when they are dry.

Classify and chart objects that change in appearance when they get wet.

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