Snack Time

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Snack Time

What you will need

  • Snack foods, such as milk, juice, fruit, crackers
  • Serving trays
  • Paper cups
  • Sponges or paper towels

Words you can use

  1. Snack
  2. Food
  3. Please
  4. Thank you
  5. Time
  6. Clean
  7. Sponges
  8. Paper towels
  9. Wipe
  10. Wash
  11. Manners
  12. Spills
  13. Accident
  14. Talk
  15. Listen
  16. Quiet
  17. Noise
  18. Eat
  19. Pass

What to do

Have one or two children serve the snack food, or put the snack on a serving plate and let all of the children pass the food to each other. It's a great time to observe the social rule"take some and leave some."

Model good manners, encouraging the children to say "thank you" as they receive their snack and "please" when requesting more food.

Ask the children about other times when they might use the words "please" and "thank you."

Discuss how we feel when others thank us for something we have done.

Talk about using the names of classmates to get their attention when they need to pass an item. This is a good way to practice asking for attention in am appropriate manner.

Have plenty of sponges and paper towels for cleaning up during or after snack.

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