Monkey in the Middle

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What you will need

  • Large space
  • Motor movement ideas

Words you can use

  1. March
  2. Swing
  3. Bend
  4. Kneel
  5. Stomp
  6. Spin
  7. Jump
  8. Kick
  9. Dance
  10. Shake
  11. Wiggle
  12. Walk
  13. Jumping jack
  14. Run in place

What to do

The children form a circle in a large area in the outdoor play area (or indoor gross motor area in inclimate weather).

One child goes to the middle of the circle and becomes the "Monkey in the Middle."

He names a gross motor action such as marching, swinging arms, and touching toes, and models for the others in the circle. This is the "initiantion" opportunity for each child.

The other children follow the action of the leader.

After one or two minutes, the "monkey" is changed until all children have had a turn to be the leader.


Action combinations such as spinning in a circle or kneeling can be incorporated into the activity. The actions will still need to be named if possible. Sequencing can also be incorporated here ifthe child does one actino first and another last!

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