First Aid Station

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First Aid Station

What you will need

  • A few of the following props: stethoscope, tongue depressors, cotton balls, bandages, thermometers, pressure cuff, nurse's hat, slings, gloves, notepad, pencils, clipboards. Use real item ifthey are safe for children to use, toy versions of items, or homemade versions of the items.

Words you can use

  1. Fever
  2. Sore throat
  3. Scrape
  4. Scratch
  5. Neck
  6. Leg
  7. Knee
  8. Throat
  9. Eye
  10. Other parts of the body
  11. Stethoscope
  12. Tongue depressors
  13. Cotton balls
  14. Bandages
  15. Thermometers
  16. Pressure cuff
  17. Nurse's hat
  18. Slings
  19. Gloves
  20. Cut
  21. Earache
  22. Head
  23. Arm
  24. Torso
  25. Mouth
  26. Ear

What to do

Set up an area of the classroom as a first aid center.

Children choose a role as a health care professional or a patient, or they can bring in their doll or stuffed animal for care. Include props to encourage emerging literacy, such as notepad andpencils.

Join the children by supporting their play and assisting them as needed in naming first aid equipment, injury, or ailment.

If appropriate, expand this activity to include an ambulance and emergency room.

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