Art Show

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What you will need

  • Sidewalk chalk of varying colors
  • Blue ribbons

Words you can use

  1. Draw
  2. Art
  3. Show
  4. Together
  5. Color names
  6. Ribbons
  7. Sidewalk
  8. Walk
  9. Chalk
  10. Picture

What to do

Talk with the children about what an art show is.

If the children would like to have an art show, begin by taking a small group outside.

Divide the children into pairs and give each child a piece of colored sidewalk chalk.

Ask each pair to draw a picture together on the sidewalk, using both colors of chalk.

The children complete their pictures, working and talking together.

Take a walk, observing each group's creation.

Awards each picture a "blue ribbon"

On another day try this with teams of three or more children.

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