WinterWeather Collage

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WinterWeather Collage

  • cotton balls
  • doily
  • white
  • tissue paper
  • crumple
  • stick snowballs
  • cloudy sky


  • self-adhesive paper
  • construction paper
  • stapler
  • cotton balls
  • tissue paper
  • doilies

To do

  1. Cut out self-adhesive paper to match the size of construction paper. Staple the self-adhesive paper to the construction paper with the backing face up.
  2. Place cotton balls, tissue paper squares, white circles and cut up doilies in separate bowls.
  3. Give the toddler a piece of the self-adhesive paper with construction paper for her collage. Peel off the backing of the self-adhesive paper so the sticky side is exposed.
  4. Provide the different collage items for the child to choose from and place on the sticky self-adhesive paper. Encourage her to crumple the tissue paper first if desired.
  5. Show the child how the items stick to the paper like magic. Let the child choose as many items as she wants for her collage.
  6. Talk with the child about the different items and the color white.

To do again

Use different colors of crumpled tissue paper or paper shapes with the sticky side of self-adhesive paper to make a very colorful collage-perfect for a dreary winter day or with a springtimeunit.

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