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  • tree
  • leaves
  • trunk
  • hug
  • feel
  • rough
  • branch
  • twigs
  • look up
  • birds
  • squirrels


  • blanket
  • basket
  • broccoli
  • bread sticks
  • napkins
  • unshelled peanuts, nuts and sunflower seeds
  • basket

To do

  1. Examine the trees on the playground or take a walk around the school to look at more trees. Talk with the toddlers about the trees, leaves, trunks, branches, twigs. Talk with them about theanimals that live in the tree, such as squirrels and birds.
  2. Encourage them to feel the trunk by rubbing it and even hugging it. Talk with them about the rough or smooth texture, small or big trunk, tall tree and other observations.
  3. Spread a blanket underneath the tree to have picnic. Taste broccoli shaped like trees or bread sticks shaped like tree branches.
  4. Encourage the toddlers to lie down and look up at the leaves on the branches.
  5. Read a book and sing songs under the tree. Listen and look for birds.
  6. Leave some unshelled peanuts, nuts and sunflower seeds under the tree for the squirrels and birds.
  7. Let the toddlers collect acorns, leaves, twigs, pine cones, moss balls that have fallen from the trees. Save the larger items in a basket in the classroom for the toddlers to explore or use someof the items for a nature collage.

To do again

Lay down and look at the clouds with older toddlers.

Home connections

Take a short hike or walk through a wooded area with your toddler. Have a picnic lunch under the trees around your house. Let your toddler take out some of his plastic or stuffed animals to playwith under the trees.

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