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  • soup
  • hot
  • stir
  • Blow on it
  • yummy
  • bowl
  • spoon
  • bean soup
  • chicken soup


  • large pans
  • large mixing spoons
  • plastic bowls
  • empty soup cans
  • plastic vegetables
  • hot pad holders
  • felt or construction paper
  • scissors

To do

  1. Add a few of the following to the home living area.
    • large pans, with or with out lids
    • large mixing spoons and plastic ladles
    • three or four small plastic bowls
    • plastic vegetables
    • empty soup cans (place silver duct tape over and rough edges)
    • Boxes of instant soup
    • hot pan holders
  2. Cut out of felt paper.
    • yellow noodles
    • large brown beans
    • vegetables
    Add the felt pieces to the soup pans. Remember to cut pieces at least three inches or larger.
  3. Encourage the toddlers to make soup and serve it to each other. Remind them to stir the soup and use the hot pad holders so they "don't get burned." Talk about not touching the hotburner too.
  4. Pretend to eat soup with children. Talk about the different kinds of soup (bean, noodle, chicken). Remember to blow on the soup if it's too hot.

To do again

Read My Kitchen by Harlow Rockwell. Make a group vegetable soup for snack or lunch time. Have each child bring a vegetable from home to add to the soup. Let the child help you wash the vegetablebefore you cut it to add to the broth. Be sure to make the soup well enough in advance so it can cool some before the toddlers are ready to eat.

Home connections

Add a few ice cubes to soup at home to help cool it quickly.

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