Snuggle UpWith a Good Book

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Snuggle UpWith a Good Book

  • books
  • look at
  • see
  • pictures
  • read
  • snuggle
  • relax
  • soft


  • wading pool
  • pillows
  • stuffed animals
  • basket
  • books
  • poster board
  • magazines

To do

  1. Place a small wading pool in a quiet area of the room. Fill the bottom with pillows, stuffed animals and puppets. If a wading pool is not available, define a cozy area with a large bath mat orrug
  2. Fill a basket with books. Chunky or board books work best with younger toddlers. Add a few parent magazines too if desired. Make books from magazine pictures and squares of poster board boundtogether with book rings or yarn.
  3. Encourage toddlers to get inside the soft pool to look at books and relax.
  4. Get inside with the toddlers to read books to them.

To do again

Use wading pools in a number of ways throughout the classroom and playground:

  • for toys with multiple pieces, such as plastic interlocking blocks to contain the pieces in one area
  • for a fun place to have picnic snack
  • for a "tearing pool" to practice tearing paper
  • for a sensory place with lots of textures, soft balls or ribbons
  • for dramatic play areas, such as a pond or ocean

Teaching hints

Early exposure to books is vital for prereading to help children develop an appreciation of the world of books. Read often to the toddlers as a free choice activity. Start reading to one child andsoon a group will gather around. Requiring toddlers to sit for a large group time doesn't work well with toddlers, yet they do enjoy snuggling up around the teacher to listen to a story when theychoose to do so.

Home connections

Use a wading pool for all kinds of "dry play" at home inside or out in the yard, from a house for your child's stuffed animals to a special place to play with toys with many pieces.Let your child eat a special snack or meal now and then in the pool.

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