Bump ofKnowledge

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Bump ofKnowledge

  • bump of knowledge
  • scratch
  • scrape
  • bleeding
  • boo boo
  • wash
  • ice
  • bandage
  • all better


  • resealable bag
  • ice cubes
  • dolls
  • dish tub or baby bath tub
  • wash cloth
  • bandages

To do

  1. Fill a few resealable bags with ice cubes.
  2. Place one or two dolls in a dish tub, baby bath tub or sensory tub with damp wash cloths and the bags of ice.
  3. Tell the toddler the baby has a scratch or bump on her leg or arm or forehead. Encourage him to wash the boo boo with the wash cloth and put the ice on it to make it all better.
  4. If desired, let the toddler put a bandage or two on the baby's "bump of knowledge."
  5. Talk with them about how the ice and bandage help make the doll feel better.
  6. Fill large resealable bags with ice for the toddlers to explore at other times, especially on hot days outside.

To do again

Place cotton balls, gauze squares and strips of gauze in the sensory tub for the toddlers to feel. Add large tongs for them to use to pick up the items or add a doll to use with the first aidsupplies.

Teaching hints

Ice works wonders with all the "bumps of knowledge" that toddlers get so easily, especially when they first start to walk. Letting a toddler put ice on you or suck on an ice cube whileapplying ice to their bumps helps redirect their attention if they resist the cold ice being applied to their skin.

Home connections

Bags of frozen peas or corn work well as ice bags at home too.

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