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  • old plastic baby bottles
  • paint
  • paper
  • flat tray

To do

  1. Collect old plastic baby bottles. Parents of toddlers are often a good source for bottles that are no longer needed.
  2. Examine the different bottles with the toddlers. Talk about the sizes, colors and pictures on the bottles. Have them practice taking off and putting back on the caps or covers and the rings forthe nipples.
  3. Gather different color bottles covers and nipple rings. The caps to the bottles used with disposable bags often have designs for printing. Note: Keep all disposable bottle bags and nipples awayfrom toddlers.
  4. Mix paint to match the different colors of the bottle covers and rings. Put the covers and rings in the matching color of paint. Place the covers to bottles with disposable bags with the designdown if any are being used.
  5. Let the toddler pick what color of background paper she wants to use for printing.
  6. Encourage the toddler to print with the bottle covers and rings by chanting "Paint paper, paint paper."
  7. Talk with her about the colors, the circles, the sizes and the designs made with the bottle covers and rings.


To do again

Print circles of different sizes from the covers of food packages, such as peanut butter jars, spice containers, ketchup bottles. Match the color of the paint to the plastic cover.

Teaching hints

Although many toddlers no longer drink from a baby bottle by this age, some still do. Never make these children feel like a baby, but do encourage them to drink from a cup when they are thirstyand at mealtime. Avoid letting them walk around the classroom with a bottle in their mouth. Limit the use of the bottle to nap time or certain areas of the room if needed. Work closely with theparents in weaning their toddlers from the bottles. Often it is the parent who is not quite ready to give up the bottle, and they need encouragement too.

Home connections

Weaning from the bottle can be difficult for some families. Limit using the bottle to certain times of day, to just water and to specific areas of the house. Just be sure to stay with the processand don't give in to your toddler's ears.

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