Finger Book

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Finger Book



  • cardboard box
  • craft knife (adults only)
  • markers
  • hole punch
  • yarn

To Make

  • Away from the children, use a craft knife to cut a cardboard box into 8" squares.
  • Draw pictures on the squares with markers.
  • Away from the children, use a craft knife to cut holes into the pictures that you or an infant can push fingers through. Suggestions include an elephant with a hole for the trunk, a dog with ahole for the tail, a bunny with two holes for ears, or a person with two holes for legs.
  • Punch holes into the sides of the pages and fasten the pages together with short lengths of yarn.

To Use

  • Show the book to a baby, using your fingers to make the pictures move.
  • Watch his reaction to determine how to continue playing.
  • After a while, encourage the baby to put his fingers into the holes to make the pictures wiggle.
  • Talk and laugh as you play with him.
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