Tasting Cheeses

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Tasting Cheeses


  • Variety of hard cheeses (some in foil-wrapped packages), cottage cheese, cutting board and knife, small bowls or cups, spoons, napkins, fruit or fruit juice


Note: Check for food allergies before offering cheese to taste.

  1. Mention that Big City Mouse and Small Town Mouse enjoyed different cheeses. Ask the listeners which kinds of cheese each mouse liked.
  2. If possible, allow the listeners to examine cheese sampler packages, which are wrapped in foil.
  3. Everyone can taste the hard cheeses and the cottage cheese. Cut the chesses into small nibble-sized versions, much like the mice would eat. Put the cottage cheese in small bowls or cups. Makesure the children know the names of the cheeses.
  4. Provide slices of fruit or fruit to accompany the tasting party.
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