The Pushing Game

Found In

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  • Find a coffee can with a lid. Cover any sharp edges with duct tape.
  • Cut a slot in the lid that is large enough to fit a baby food jar lid.
  • Save several baby food jar lids for your toddler to push through the lid of the can.
  • Children love to hear the "clank" as the lid hits the bottom of the can.
  • Each time you give your child a lid to drop into the can, say, "Here is a circle to drop in the can."
  • You could also cover the tops of the baby food lids with red, yellow, and blue construction paper. Each time you give your toddler a lid, say, "Here is a blue circle," or "Here isa red circle."
  • If your child is not ready to put the baby food lids through the slot, he will enjoy filling and dumping the coffee can without the lid.
  • This is an easy homemade toy that your child will love.
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