Letís Roll!

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  • Your toddler is in a constant state of motion, crawling, climbing, walking, and running.
  • Show your child how to roll. Lie down on the floor and roll from one end to the other. He will be delighted and will want to copy you.
  • Play this game. Lie down on the floor side by side. Count to three. On the count of three, say in a big voice, "Let's roll!" Start rolling to the other side of the room.
  • It's lots of fun to play, "I'm gonna catch you," by rolling after him across the room.
  • Be prepared to play this game often.
  • Whenever you do an activity with your toddler, practice it on both right and left sides. Even though toddlers are too young to under-stand left and right, they can recognize that their bodieshave two sides.
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