Button and Band-Aid Collage (Small)

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  • ruler
  • poster board
  • pencil
  • Exacto knife (adult only)
  • glue or paste
  • various sizes and shapes of buttons and Band-Aids

The Creative Process

  • Measure a 9" x 6" rectangle on the poster board.
  • Draw a letter "B", touching all sides of the rectangle.
  • Cut out the letter using an Exacto knife (adult only). Be sure to cut out the inside sections of the letter "B" also.
  • Repeat this process to make one for each child.
  • Demonstrate how to glue or paste the buttons and/or Band-Aids onto the letter.
  • Encourage children's creativity. Some children may select certain types of buttons for their collage; some may have overlapping buttons. Let each Button
  • Collage remain unique.
  • When the collages are complete, set them aside to dry.
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