Airplane Wings

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  • poster board
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • tempera paint
  • paintbrushes
  • yarn

The Creative Process

  • Cut out elongated ovals from the poster board, two for each child.
  • Using the hole punch, punch two holes in the top and bottom of each side of the wings.
  • Encourage the children to paint the wings as desired. Allow them to dry.
  • Cut strips of yarn. Thread the yarn through the holes in the wings and tie them onto the children's arms.
  • The children can fly around the room together to music.

The Bridge Home

Send home the following letter after completing the activities, revising it as necessary.

Dear Parents,

This week, your children learned about the letter "A". Whenever the children see the letter "A" in print and hear it spoken, it reinforces their recognition of the letter. Tofurther reinforce this recognition, we did a number of art activities with titles that begin with the letter "A" or that develop a concept that begins with the letter "A".
Every week, as an introduction to the new letter, the children do some sort of art activity beginning with that letter on a large outline of the particular letter. This is called the "AlphabetGallery Activity." I have devoted an entire area in our classroom as the Alphabet Gallery. When the children finish decorating the large letter each week, I add it to the "Gallery" byhanging it on the wall.

This past week, the children made "apple prints" all over a large letter "A" for their Alphabet Gallery activity. I cut out apple shapes from felt and glued them ontocardboard. Each child dipped an apple shape into paint, and then pressed it onto the large letter to make a print. I explained that the word "apple" begins with the letter "A".The children also saw the large letter as they made prints, further reinforcing their recognition of it.

The children did various art activities that all began with the letter "A". One activity ("A is for Apple") was an extension of the Alphabet Gallery activity. The children madetheir own apple prints all over their own pieces of paper. They also created a project called "An Army of Ants." Before they started, I explained what an army of ants was, stressing that"army" and "ant" both begin with the letter "A". I then gave each child a tablecloth-covered square with the letter "A" written on it. The children then madeant prints using their fingers on the square. Finally, the children made "Airplane Wings." We talked about airplanes and how the word starts with the letter "A". The children thendecorated their precut wings. After the wings were dry, the children put them on and "flew" around the room while listening to music.

All of these art activities focused on different things that begin with the letter "A" (apples, ants, and airplane wings). This reinforced the children's recognition of the letter"A" because we discussed what the words meant, they saw the letter in print, and they heard it spoken. You can help further the children's recognition of the letter at home by talkingabout their activities and asking them what they learned.


Your child's teacher

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