Things that make a Noise Collection

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Things that make a Noise Collection


  • Lots of different objects that make a noise (the more the better), such as rubber squeak toys, a slide whistle, bells of all types, shaker toys, empty time boxes, simple rhythm instruments, metaljuice can lids
  • Attractive box or container to put them in

To Do

  1. All you really need to do is put the objects within reach of the child on the floor.
  2. The child will do an "object survey" that she does with all new objects, which includes banging them on the floor.
  3. You might say, "Look, I have all kinds of things in this box that make a noise...see?" and then demonstrate banging them lightly on the floor.


Make note of what the child does with the objects

Does the child bang the objects spontaneously?

Does she seem to be trying to find out what kind of sound they make?


Make sure the objects are safe for children to handle--too large to choke on, no sharp edges, etc.

More Ideas

The variations are endless, of course! You could add new things to the box every week.

You could create noise "categories" and put all the bells in one box, all the shake-shake toys in another box, all the hollow toys that are fun to hit with a small stick in another box,etc..

Emerging Skill

Young children are learning that they can "make things happen." They enjoy the cause and effect of making noises. This is also a language or a sensory activity.

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