Texture Quilt

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Texture Quilt


  • 6 or 8 large patches of textured washable materials
  • Backing and polyester quilt batting
  • Trims such as rickrack, plastic zippers, fringe, and lace
  • Needle and thread

To Make

  1. Sew the patches with other trim together
  2. Assemble backing, batting, and top and sew together, binding edges

To Do

Place the child on the quilt, tummy down. (Only do this with babies who can comfortably hold their head up when placed on their stomach.)


Does the child notice the textures and feel them with his fingers?

What else does he do?


Do not sew on such things as buttons or jingle bells that might eventually work loose and could cause choking. Materials used should be washable.

More Ideas

Try many variations of textures. You could make several such quilts.

Sew pockets on some of the pieces that small toys can fit insides of.

Emerging Skill

This allows the child to use fingers in exploration and, as a "sensory" activity, gives the child experiences with the sense of touch. It could also be considered a gross motor activityif the child practices rolling, reaching, wiggling, and scooting.

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