Teddy Bear Ring Around the Rosie

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Teddy Bear Ring Around the Rosie


  • Teddy bears and/or other stuffed animals or dolls, one per child

To Do

  1. When children know how to play "Ring Around the Rosie," have them hold the arms of stuffed animals or dolls between them in the circle and then play the game.


Do the children have difficulty figuring out how to get a stuffed animal between each of them?

After you have helped them with this several times, are they able to figure it out themselves?

More Ideas

Pick one child at a time to be the "Rosie" and stand in the middle of the circle.

Emerging Skill

"Ring Around the Rosie" is actually one of the first "games with rules" that children can learn to play. There is only one rule--don't fall down until the end! Thisreinforces a listening skill. A sense of camaraderie develops when children do something like this together. They develop a feeling of being "one of the gang." Putting a stuffed animalbetween each child gives practice in a math concept (one-to-one correspondence) and children are creating a pattern.

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