Surprises Inside

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Surprises Inside


  • Any type of fruit or vegetable knife

To Do

  1. Have children wash hands.
  2. Show them the fruit or vegetable.
  3. Let them touch the outside, smell it, hold it against their cheek, etc.
  4. Talk about the color and the texture. Then wonder out loud what they might find inside. Young children love containers of all types, and fruits are really containers.
  5. Talk about the pattern that emerges when you cut it open. What is in there? Are there an seeds?
  6. You might cut two or three oranges in different ways to see the different patterns. Finally, of course, let them taste the fruit.


Do they try to taste this right away?

Do they later notice patterns in the fruits and vegetables they have for lunch and snacks?


Be sure to put the knife away, out of children's reach, when you are not right there.

More Ideas

You can do this with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, everything from beans to eggplants to bananas to kiwis. All have lovely surprises inside. Let the children use plastic knives to cutthem up further as they investigate and eat.

Make a scrapbook describing all the different fruits and vegetables you have explored in this way. See if children recognize them when they show up later in meals and snacks.

This is a sensory, cognitive, and fine motor experience. This is the best kind of 'cooking project" for toddlers because there is no waiting involved.

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