Suction Cup Soap Holder

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Suction Cup Soap Holder


  • One or more soap holders with the many small suction cups on the bottom

To Do

  1. Let the child play with this any way he wishes.
  2. The many indentations are inviting to a child's fingers and the object can be grasped in different ways.


Note what the child does with the toy.

Does this vary as the child gets older?

Does the child enjoy "ripping" it off a hard surface such as a hard floor or table top?


After a child has chewed on one of these, place it in a mild bleach solution and allow to air dry before making it available to another child.

More Ideas

Provide a plastic basket full of different, attractive chew toys. They come in a explore with fingers as well as gums.

Emerging Skill

The child will use small motor skills to explore small spaces.

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