Stick-It-On and Peel-It-Off Picture

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Stick-It-On and Peel-It-Off Picture


  • Contact paper (pattern doesn't matter)
  • Magazine pictures
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper or poster board
  • Clear contact paper

To Make

  1. Place contact paper on the wall at the child's level, sticky side out.
  2. Cut out magazine pictures, mount on construction paper or poster board for stiffness, and encase front and back with clear contact paper (or laminate in a laminating machined).

To Do

Let the child press the laminated pictures onto the sticky paper. Then let the child peel them off again.


Is the child able to peel off the picture?

Does he use his thumb and forefinger to get it loose?

Emerging Skill

This gives children practice using their thumb and forefinger to manipulate things. The child is learning language as he learns the name of what is on the picture. If you use photos of otherchildren in the class, or family members, this becomes a social activity. This is also a sensory activity as the child learns about "sticky".

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