Share the Paper

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Share the Paper


  • Large sheet of freezer wrap, shiny side up
  • Masking tape
  • Finger paint

To Do

  1. Tape the large piece of paper to the table.
  2. Ask the children to stand around it as they paint.
  3. Say, "I'LL let you all share this great big piece of paper when you paint. And I'll put the paint right here in the middle so you can share the paint too. You canshare and work together so that we can have a great big picture!"


Do their paintings ever overlap?

Do they protect their own space, or see the who page as theirs?

More Ideas

When they are through, label the picture, "This paper was shared by Jason, Brian, Kendall, and Scott." Parents can also comment on the fun of sharing.

Instead of taping the paper down, you can simply use large clamps like those designed to close open bags of chips to fasten the paper to the tabletop.

Emerging Skill

While children rock back and forth together they are learning that it is fun to be with other children and do things together.

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