Poor Becky!

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Poor Becky!


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To Do

  1. When any child is in distress, perhaps from a hurt from a fall, or crying because a parent has left, involve other children in comforting, if possible.
  2. Verbalize the situation. "Oh, poor Becky. She is crying because she misses her mommy. What can we do to make her feel better? I will rock you, Becky. Look, Todd is bringing you a teddy bear.That makes Becky feel better, Todd"


Does a child show empathy when another child is distressed?

Does the join in crying?

Does the child attempt to comfort the crying child? In what way?

More Ideas

Do this in "pretend play" either acting out the role yourself, or having a doll or stuffed animal cry. Help the child think of how to comfort the doll.

Emerging Skill

The child is developing empathy, and you are encouraging kindness.

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