Goo Bag

Found In

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  • Sandwich-sized zip-closure bags
  • Hair gel
  • Duct Tape

To Make

  1. Fill the bag with hair gel and zip close. Double bag this by slipping another bag over the top and closing it as well.
  2. Tape the top shut with duct tape.

To Do

Simply hand it to the child, or place it close by.


What does the child do with the bag? Does he pat it, pick it up, poke it, squeeze it?


Discourage the child from biting it. Supervise.

More Ideas

Put a dollop of tempera paint in with the goo. It will mix as the child squeeze the bag.

Create other "goo" substances to put in such bags that might vary slightly in feel. Possibilities include shaving cream and a cooked cornstarch and water mixture.

Put the bag in the refrigerator so you can hand the child a cool bag (nice on hot days).

Emerging Skill

The child experiences soft viscous textures without any mess, and gains fine motor practice squeezing the bag.

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