Fun With Picture Cards

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Fun With Picture Cards


  • Pictures of familiar objects cut from magazines
  • Index cards or then cardboard
  • Clear self-adhesive paper
  • Sturdy container such as a food storage box

To Do

  1. Put the box of picture cards on the floor or a low shelf, accessible to the child.
  2. She will enjoy taking them out of the box, either one at a time or dumping them.
  3. The child might bring a card over to you.
  4. Talk about the pictures the child shows you. "That's a teddy bear, isn't it?" "That's a car."


Does the child name the picture?

What else does she do with the pictures?

More Ideas

Have several sets of cards for different categories of things--toys, animals, vehicles, babies, etc.

Make a picture-to-object matching game. See if the child can bring the picture card to the matching real object in the room.

Do this with individual photos of all the children and adults involved in your program that the child might have contact with. Parents too!

Affix the pictures to metal juice can lids instead of cards. They make a great noise when dumped.

Emerging Skill

This might just be a dump-and-fill exercise for a younger toddler. It might turn into a vocabulary stretcher as the child learns labels and descriptive words for familiar objects. It can be asocial exercise if an adult enjoys looking at the cards with the child.

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