Flaps Galore!

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Flaps Galore!


  • 2 pieces of poster board
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Interesting materials and textures to glue under flaps

To Make

  1. Cut all different shapes of three sided "flaps" in the top piece of poster board, such as those in the illustration.
  2. Position this cardboard with the flaps over the other piece of poster board.
  3. Use the pencil to trace the shape of the openings onto the bottom piece of cardboard.
  4. Then glue the interesting textures in these tracings on the bottom piece.
  5. Place the poster board with the flaps on top and glue or tape the two pieces together.

To Do

Hang this on the wall at the children's level and let them explore it in passing.


Does the child open and close certain flaps over and over again?

More Ideas

Possible things to glue under the flaps: plexiglass mirror, shiny paper, stickers and stars, feathers, photos of children.

Eliminate the bottom piece of cardboard and the textures and simply tape the cardboard with the flaps on the window tat the children's eye level. They can open the "doors" to lookoutside. Tape some colored cellophane behind some of the doors!

Emerging Skill

Young children, especially toddlers, love flaps--anything with a hinge action that opens and shuts. It's a way for children to experience "object permanence"--making things appearand disappear. This is a visually stimulating toy. They will also use thumb and forefinger to open the flaps.

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