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Flap Book


  • Two pieces of sturdy cardboard, each about 8" by 10" (20cm x 25cm)
  • Colored contact paper to cover
  • Duct tape, or other wide, flexible tape
  • Two strips of self-adhesive velcro, about 8" (20cm) long
  • Pictures from a magazine glued to a piece of tag board and laminated with clear contact paper

To Make

  1. Cover each piece of cardboard with the colored contact paper on both sides.
  2. Make a hinge with the duct tape, leaving a little space between the two cover pieces.
  3. Put a strip of the velcro at the top and bottom of the back cover of the flap book.
  4. The corresponding pieces of velcro go on the back of the picture card.
  5. You can create any number of these picture cards and change the picture in your flap book as often as you wish.

To Do

Just place the flap book where the children can get at it.

They will enjoy opening and closing the flap book, and seeing the "surprise picture inside. Older toddler may name the picture.

More Ideas

It would be fun to use photos of other children and special friends on the picture cards.

A series of these could be hung on the back of a shelf or room divider.

Emerging Skill

The child can handle and "experience" a book, and get used to the "mechanics" of books. The major appeal of peek-a-boo is practicing the cognitive skill of object permanence.(Books are really a large peek-a-boo system.)

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