Reading Right From the Start

What Parents Can Do in the First Five Years

Reading Right From the Start
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  Author: Toni S. Bickart, Diane Trister Dodge
ISBN: 9781879537552
Publisher: Teaching Strategies, Inc.
Pages: 56,  © 2000
Item: 28519
Price: $3.25


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Are you concerned that you have children in your program who are not benefiting from rich literacy experiences at home? This easy-to-read, illustrated booklet shows parents how they can help their children from, birth to age five, gain the knowledge necessary to become readers and writers.

The authors use everyday parent-child routines-bathing and dressing, feeding, shopping, household chores, etc.-to demonstrate how to build vocabulary, learn about conversations, and discover meaning from the written word. Research shows that these are the key building blocks for future success as readers and writers. Parents learn about the value of talking, singing, and reading every day to their child. Includes recommended reading lists for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Reading Right from the Start can help you enlist the parents in your program as partners to ensure the success of every child.

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