Everybody Has Feelings

The Moods of Children

Everybody Has Feelings
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  Author: Charles E. Avery
ISBN: 9780876591970
Publisher: Gryphon House
Pages: 50,  © 1997
Item: 12849
Price: $8.95


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Engaging black and white photographs of children explore their emotions as they encounter one another on play grounds, city streets, and in the country. English and Spanish.


"... is a simple concept that children's will love. ...The photos are of children splashing in water, making a snow angel, at the playground, etc. This reminds me of my young 'Sesame Street' viewing days. I loved the footage of kids who lived in a different setting than what I saw daily. (Our chances for snow angels are pretty rare.) Text on most pages is just a word, such as 'Excited' and the same word in Spanish."

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