A Hand Span

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What to do

  1. Talk about hands. Some people have hands with long fingers, some people have short fingers, other people can stretch their hands very wide. Demonstrate this.
  2. Let's find out about our hand spans by measuring them. Have the children lay their hands on paper, stretching them out. Trace each child's hand.
  3. Measure each hand span using Unifix cubes or Cuisenaire rods. The latter is more accurate because of the smaller size increments.
  4. Make a chart of the sizes by grouping common measurements. What size is most common?

Want to do more?

Is there a relationship between small hands and small bodies? Some people can be big but have small hands. Save the chart until later in the year to compare growth.

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Things you will need

  • Unifix cubes or Cuisenaire rods
  • butcher paper
  • marker
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