Animals-Born or Hatched?

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Index cards, 3" x 5" (7.5 cm x 12.5 cm)
Pictures of birds, snakes, lizards, dinosaurs, puppies, kittens, mice, horses, etc.
Two bags, one labeled with a picture of an egg that says "Hatched" and one with a picture of a baby that says "Born"

What to do

  1. Draw or find pictures of animals to be classified.
  2. Glue the pirctures to the index cards.
  3. Cover the cards with clear contact or laminate.
  4. Use clear contact to attach the picture of an egg to one bag and the picture of the baby to the other bag. Print the words "Born" and "Hatched" on the appropriatebag.
  5. The children take the top card and cassify. This activity and discussion about each card should be done as a group. Then the children can repeat it on their own as a reinforcement activity.

    Phyllis Esch, Export, PA

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